Silent ObserverTM (SIOBTM)

    Silent ObserverTM is the innovation of Magnum Opus that has played a very crutial role in controlling the sex determination tests. Magnum OpusTM has installed more than 240 such devices in Kolhapur and now coming up with the next version called SIOBTM One... It is more advanced, secured and intellegent. We have removed all the drawback of the first version of the silent observer and new version is more robust and strong with more features and advantages.

    Silent ObserverTM is a device that is attached to the Ultrasound Machine externally through cables and that captures the video images of the each sonography conducted and stores in the local hard drive of the SIOBTM. This facility has inturn proven to be a very strong safety measures for the genetical clinics as a strong proof of their work.

    Silent ObserverTM One is now linked with the Save The Baby GirlTM portal and it has added advantages of close monitoring of the suspected cases.